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Thumbs Up Diner  

Thumbs Up Diner has been in service to the community of Atlanta for over a decade. The main branch is located in downtown Atlanta adjacent to the Martin Luther King, Jr. historic district while the other four service clients are throughout the Atlanta metro area. Thumbs Up Diner in Douglasville continues to set the standard and signature breakfast and beyond everywhere they go.

Never-ending support from family, friends, and customers is the reason for their success. Many regular customers come for a perfect blend of locals, and tourists who visit each branch when having a little trip across the city. EZ Douglasville Junk Removal

Thumbs Up Diner Experience

The best breakfast diner in Colorado offers a funky diverse of Thumbs Up infamous Breakfast Originals as well as classic and customize your own breakfast options. Aside from their well-known breakfast servings, they also serve a variety of lunch favorites including quesadillas, burgers, sandwiches, and vegan dishes available for every taste bud.


In 2017, the country’s restaurant industry accumulated over $799 billion to food and drink sales, with the full-service restaurant arrangement accounting for more than $263 billion. More than fifty percent of all money spent on an average American family is for dining out and spent at franchise restaurants. Making franchise restaurants the most successful compared with restaurants especially in the Douglasville, Georgia branch.

Breakfast is the fastest-growing theme in the restaurant industry. Last year more than 12 billion breakfast meals were purchased in U.S. restaurants. According to Bonnie Riggs of NPD’s restaurant industry analyst “Breakfast has been and is projected to continue to be a bright spot for the restaurant industry.

With a casual and calm atmosphere, convenient locations, and of course with great food, breakfast at a Thumbs Up Diner has become a regular part of Atlanta’s daily routine.

Signature Menu

With diverse customers such as neighbors, corporate people, families, and groups of friends. Thumbs Up Diner is a great meeting place for any kind of occasion or maybe just another day to eat out with the people you love with its casual atmosphere and friendly get-to-know-you service.

Whether you are just stopping in for a cup of coffee or a full meal, Thumbs Up Diner always will be a part of their daily life and will have a special place in the hearts of the community of Douglasville.


Southern cooking highly demands great grits and biscuits and their homemade multi-grain biscuits that are best as are their homemade jams. Food so good, you would swear that grandma cooks in the kitchen.


Address: 5935 Stewart Parkway Douglasville, GA

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