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Stoddard’s Range and Guns

“Best Shooting Range In Atlanta” for five executive years. Stoddard’s Range and Guns destinations combine best-class shooting ranges and local shops in two central metro Atlanta areas. They sell new and used guns, as well as they buy guns, they also offer firearms that are for rent to “try before you purchase” on the range. They provide training programs for every level and every type of shooter coming from beginner to advanced. They welcome both experienced and new shooters to try their facilities in both of their branches, West Midtown Atlanta and Douglasville, Georgia.

What They Stand For

At Stoddard’s, they are about the shooter, not the shooting. Basically means taking into account the relevant client needs that are somehow dismissed in the industry today. From the unique type of training and education programs according to your personal health and safety, Stoddard’s aim to provide a comprehensive, unimaginable firearms experience you won’t encounter anywhere else. EZ Douglasville Junk Removal

Movie buffs may initially think that the name comes from the classic western film The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. In the film, James Stewart acts as Ransom Stoddard—the man who brings the importance of authenticity, civility, and wisdom to the untamed frontier town of Shinbone. At Stoddard’s, they aim to bring these same ideals to the shooting industry.

Some Proven Testimonials from Clients

“Took the wife to Stoddard’s today and we had a really good time. My wife really enjoyed the place because it was clean and safe. They have a few guys in the range at all times making sure everyone is happy and cleaning up the brass. The range is top notch. Their customer service is great.” – Chris H.


“This place is the best gun range ever. Everyone is helpful and makes for an excellent adventure. They are very informed and can explain anything without ‘mansplaining’ or condescending. Thursday is Ladies Night!” – Datsy M.

Stoddard’s Academy

They offer world-class coaching for shooters of all skill levels. They teach aspiring shooters whether beginner or experienced. From simple tutorials to more advanced gunfighting, Stoddard’s goal is to provide the best learning experience you will ever have.

To make sure that every client may it be resident of Douglasville or not will have the best learning experience is that they select instructors who are the best in both practice and coaching. Instructors are always expanding on their education and skill, earning certifications from organizations such as Sig Sauer and the NRA, so they can acquire new progressions and pass their knowledge on to you.


Address: 5840 Bankhead Hwy. Douglasville, GA

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