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Trampoline, Playset, & Above Ground Pool Removal

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Want to give your kids a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable childhood in their own backyard? Maybe invite some friends over for the weekend. Maybe you are just looking to build a place where you can host gatherings and birthday parties for your kids. Whatever the situation, there aren’t many options better than swimming pools, playsets, and trampolines. All these yard toys can provide entertainment and excitement, unlike anything else.

However, here is the thing about those toys: your kids will eventually outgrow them! Not only this but there is the potential they’ll break down while your kids are still young and need repairing or replacing. This type of outdoor equipment not only takes up a ton of space but needs constant maintenance and repairs. What about when you are done with it? What about when your kids no longer have a use for it?

Are you just going to let it sit in the yard and decay? Not only can these items eventually turn unsightly, but they can attract insects and rodents. If you thought putting them up and maintaining them was a job, you haven’t seen anything yet. Disposing of them is going to be twice as hard. That is unless, of course, you take advantage of quality, certified yard waste removal services like ours.

Disassembling Your Trampoline

A trampoline is one of the biggest and bulkiest yard toys you can have, only second to the aboveground pool. On top of this, it is quite a complex piece of equipment, with its tightened springs, stretched nylon mat, and rubber outer coverings. Needless to say, there are a lot of components that make up this simple little toy. Therefore, disassembling it will be no easy task. If you spent the entire afternoon putting the thing together, you likely don’t need a reminder of the strenuous task. And this was probably a good 10 or 20 years ago, so removal will, unfortunately, be just as difficult. This is, however, where our removal services can come in handy.

Unlike traditional junk removal services, we don’t require you to disassemble and bag your own trash. It might be entirely possible that the trampoline can go to a needier family. If this is the case, we’ll make sure it gets there. If it needs to be recycled, we’ll make sure all the right components go where they are needed. On top of all this, we’ll come into your backyard where the trampoline is installed, and completely disassemble it for you. We’ll even clean the worksite when all said and done. You’ll never even know we’ve been on the property, except for the small, one-time fee. Oh, did we mention that we would also bag and haul everything away for you?

Disassembling Your Playhouse

All little girls love playing house. A home to call their own where they can host exquisite tea parties, bake delectable cakes, and clean until their heart is content. Whatever your little girl’s wildest desires are, she’ll be able to fulfill them in her very own playhouse. The only problem is these items usually only last about 4 or 5 years and she’ll outgrow it, looking to move onto bigger, greener pastures. While these items are not as big and bulky as trampolines, disassembling one will be no easier.

In fact, we sincerely urge you to consider the amount of work involved before you start. There is always the potential that you could get injured or break something around the home. Do you even have the right tools? What about an extra, helping hand because this certainly is no small, one-man job? When you call us, you don’t have to consider any of these things.

We’ll handle everything from the disassembling of the equipment to the bagging and disposing of all the pieces. Maybe it can be given to a needier family. Not a problem! We work with recycling centers as well as donation facilities daily. We’ll make sure the items get to where they need to go as quickly as possible.

Disassembling Your Aboveground Pool

It is entirely possible that you might be able to undertake the job of disassembling a trampoline or playhouse yourself. However, this will likely not be the case with an aboveground pool. You probably had to hire a professional to install the thing, and you’ll certainly need a professional to take it down. These items not only consist of multiple pieces, but they’ll likely have electrical and plumbing hardwired into them, making the disassembling all that more difficult. Not to worry though because we are trained and qualified to handle these very tasks.

Whether you decide to hire us or attempt the task yourself, draining the pool entirely will be the first hurdle. Either way, doing so will make the job easier for everyone involved. Before doing so, just make sure you have the main water shut off, so the equipment doesn’t try to refill. With this being said, these are things you won’t even have to worry about when you turn to the pros.

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