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Basement Clean Out

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Our professional basement cleanout is available to commercial and residential consumers. It is unfortunate when property owners ignore the condition of their basements. While they continue to stuff the basement full, the condition is oftentimes ignored. By the time, the poor condition of the basement is detected, the only option is a full cleanout. With a cleanout comes loads of junk, which must safely be disposed of at a local landfill or waste transfer facility.

Our Professional Basement Junk Removal

Basements can easily become storage spaces for a variety of items. Along with the attic, the basement can hold a significant amount of storage. From seasonal décor to high school & college memorabilia to antiques to family heirlooms, a basement is an ideal storage option.

While a great storage space, a basement needs regular maintenance. You wake up one morning and decide, today is the day you will clean the basement. You gather your cleaning supplies and off to the basement you go. Upon arrival, you discover there is little room to walk around, let alone for cleaning. What to do? Contact our local junk removal team to request your free consultation, with inspection and a written quote.

Prepare Basement For A Cleanout

We encourage our clients to get involved in the clean-out process. You can help our junk removal team by preparing the basement for the cleanout. Remove as much clutter as possible, leaving the large items to the cleanout team.

It will also help to decide which items you would like to keep and the best placement for these items. Make a list of the unwanted items for the junk removal team. Together, we will have your basement cleaned out and organized in a few hours.

DIY Basement Cleanout

When the items stored in your basement are no longer locatable, the only option is a cleanout.  Contrary to belief, a basement cleanout is a complex process. The preparation will help ease the complexity of the cleanout. The best approach is to devise a checklist, which should be created from scratch because every basement has unique cleaning needs.

  • If the basement has more than one room, it is best to start working in the furthest room from the entrance
  • If the basement is one large room, divide into section to avoid being overwhelmed with to much work
  • Set a deadline for cleaning each section. However, be realistic because the cleaning process may take days to complete
  • Assess each item to determine if you want to keep or junk it
  • Create a pile for junk and another for items you want to keep
  • To ensure quick and easy disposal, if possible, break the piles down even further. Create a pile for donations, recycling, and landfill
  • Do not keep items that have gone unused for over two years
  • Once the section is empty, vacuum thoroughly, followed by mopping and dusting
  • Place items back into storage, keeping them neat, tidy, and organized
  • Label storage containers to make them easier to locate in the future

When To Call In The Basement Cleanout Experts?

Not every property owner has the resources to clean their basements. A basement cleanout, when completed properly, could take days or weeks, depending on size, location, and volume of junk. Our basement cleanout is professionally done to allow residents to continue their routine without interference.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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