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Do you have old scrap metal sitting on your property? If so, you should do something about it. Remember that your children or pets could be injured by the old metal. You never know. It is best to get rid of the old scrap metal, so it doesn’t become a serious problem for someone else. Our qualified junk removal specialists can help. We’ll get rid of your scrap metal and guarantee it is reused again.

Recycling Scrap Metal Services Near You

When you’re ready to get rid of the old scrap metal, call us. We can help you take it to the local recycling center. Taking this path guarantees that the metal will be used instead of harming Mother Nature.

We Can Recycle Various Metals

We can get rid of various types of metals for you.


We offer aluminum recycling services. If you have this type of scrap metal on your property, call us. We’ll find a way to take the aluminum from your property and have it recycled. Once it is recycled, the aluminum can be used to create other products.

Recycling Brass

Our junk experts can handle brass too. Whether you have an old plumbing fixture or another brass item, we’ll take it for you. Again, the material can be recycled and used to create something else.

Recycling Cast Iron

Cast iron is often heavy. Plus, it rusts quickly. Therefore, you might have to get rid of your cast iron item at some point. Call our office so we can take your cast iron skillet to the nearby recycling center.

Recycling Copper

A lot of people have copper pipes on their properties. When something goes wrong, the copper must be thrown out. You shouldn’t toss it in the garbage. Instead, let us get rid of it for you. We’ll make sure it is recycled.

Recycling Steel

Our experts can also get rid of unwanted steel. It is regularly recycled, and we know how to make sure this happens. Once we’ve taken your steel to the recycling center, it can be used to create industrial products, construction materials, or items.


Since tin is soft, it is used to create a handful of products. It is often used in electronics, soda cans, and pots. It is best to avoid sending your tin to the local landfill. Instead, you should let us take it to the recycling center for you.


Lead is a great material because it is often recycled several times. It will never lose its value. If you have unwanted lead items that you need to get rid of, call us. We’ll haul these items away and take them to the nearby lead recycling center.


Zinc tends to last for a long time since it rarely rusts. It is often used as a construction material. We can take your unwanted zinc items to the nearby recycling center for you.

Recycling Nickel

Finally, we can help recycle your nickel. The material is regularly used in cellphones, kitchen utensils, razors, and clothing accessories. Regardless, we can help you dispose of the unwanted nickel items on your property.

Properly Disposing Of Your Scrap Metal

The best disposal method depends on the type of scrap metal you’re dealing with. For instance, you might have unwanted steel and aluminum. If so, you can toss these items in the recycling container. Alternatively, you can transport them to the local recycling center. When recycling soda cans, you will receive some money back.

As for larger items, we recommend working with us. We’ll take these items for you and make sure they’re dealt with in an eco-friendly way.

Scrap Metals That You Can’t Recycle

Unfortunately, some scrap metals cannot be recycled. For instance, you won’t be able to recycle lead found in old televisions. You also can’t recycle any scrap metals that are radioactive. Other scrap metals that cannot be recycled include propane tanks, specific card parts, pots, pans, and paint cans. As for everything else, we can get rid of it for you.

Importance Of Recycling Unwanted Scrap Metal

It is always a good idea to recycle the scrap metal sitting on your property. Doing so ensures that the manufacturing industry can access the metal they need without overspending or harming the environment. When people recycle, it means aluminum, steel, and copper don’t need to be mined from the earth. Since mining is harmful to the environment, it is best to obtain these metals using other metals. When they’re recycling, modern manufacturers can obtain these items without mining them.

Plus, recycling is more efficient than building new metals from mined materials. Call us so we can help you recycle the scrap metals on your property.

Recycling Metal Helps The Environment

You’ll appreciate that recycle the metal is going to help the environment. It reduces the resources needed to transform ore into metals. Plus, it prevents the metal from wasting away in the landfill.

Throwing Scrap Metal In The Recycling Container

While the material can be recycled, your local city trash service probably won’t take it. They will take smaller items, but it depends on the rules in your area. Our junk removal experts can take these items and have them recycled for you. Call us to use our services.

What Should I Do With Empty Paint Cans?

Empty paint cans are usually not accepted by recycling centers until the wet paint has dried. Therefore, you’ll need to remove the paint and let it dry first. Once you’ve done this, you can drop off the paint cans at a local recycling center. A local scrap metal disposal company can take them too. Our experts can help get rid of your empty paint cans quickly.

Scrap Metals That You Can Recycle

Thankfully, you can recycle many scrap metals. For instance, we can help you recycle cast iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc, steel, and nickel. If you have unwanted metals on your property, call us. We’ll do our best to find a way to get rid of the metal without hurting the environment.

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