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What better way to burn an entire weekend than by spending it enjoying good food and company in the comfort of your own backyard. Throw in a BBQ grill and it’ll make the whole party even more enjoyable and exciting. There is nothing like owning your own BBQ, as it will allow you to whip up a diverse range of delectable meals at your beck and call. The only problem with BBQs is they are a lot of work. They consist of a lot of components and need constant maintenance and repairs. There will also come a time when they need to be upgraded because repairing just doesn’t financially make sense anymore. With the numerous gas components and complexities of the BBQ grill, proper disposal can be more difficult than one might imagine. This is where we come in!

Where Can I Dispose Of My Old Grill?

When it comes to BBQ grill disposal, you have a handful of options available to you. However, if choose to work with our services, you literally need to do nothing. Worry about nothing! We’ll come right to you haul away the old grill with the rest of the items you want to dispose of. You don’t have to lift a finger. Did you know that you oftentimes need to clean your grill before disposing of it? Don’t worry because we are trained to do it for you. What about the gas? Do you know how to unhook the gas and shut it off? We do! We’ll make sure all the components are removed and shut off in the safest manner possible.

We Take A Diverse Range Of Grills

When most people think about grills, they tend to think of the ones with interchangeable propane tanks. Well, as convenient as these are, they are not the only type of grills that exist. In fact, these are probably your most basic makes these days. When it comes to grills, things can get extremely complicated. Some grills are virtual extensions of the home, built right into the foundation. Unfortunately, these will also need disposed of and replaced after a specific time. Not to worry because we are trained to deal with these as well.

Here is a quick list of some of the grills that we can dispose of:

Old and broken grills

Old charcoal grills

Gas and charcoal grills

Portable grills

Commercial BBQ Smokers

Outdoor grills

Grills built into the home

Donating Your Old Grill

If you are simply just upgrading your grill for a newer model, there is always the option of donating that old one. And while this is an excellent option, there is still the matter of hauling it to the new recipient. Why worry about this when we can handle it for you? If your grill can be donated, we’ll make sure it gets placed in the right hands. Best of all, we’ll do all the loading and hauling away for you. All you must do is just give us a call and pay our small, convenient one-time removal fee.

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