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Shed Removal

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A detached shed is a great addition to any property. It adds a specific amount of value to the property. In addition to an increase in property value, a detached shed will provide additional storage. No property can have enough storage space, which is where a shed comes into play.

A shed can increase your property value, but only if it is properly maintained. Routine cleanout and junk removal are crucial for the functionality and longevity of the shed.

Shed Demolition Junk Removal

When it is determined, your shed is no longer a suitable option for safe storage, demolition is a necessity. Demolition is a process that knocks or pulls down a shed or other type of building structure. In this case, the building structure is a detached shed.

A demolition company will tear down the shed as a whole unit or in pieces. Most demolition services do not include junk removal. To ensure full completion of the demolition, the service provider will partner with a junk removal company. We work with demolition companies to remove sheds, garages, and other detached storage units.

The demolition company brings down the shed and we haul away the debris.

Our Shed Removal

We are equipped to demolish detached sheds, depending on several factors. We utilize special equipment, safety gear, and manpower to demolish sheds and haul away the leftover debris. To determine if your shed qualifies for our demolish service, do not hesitate to reach out to our local office.

Shed Demolition Permit

Some cities, municipalities, towns, and counties require a demolition permit to bring down detached sheds. We suggest validating shed demolition requirements before contacting our company. Research your local building codes or reach out to the governing agency. If it is determined, a shed demolition permit is required, initiate the application process without further ado.

Most cities offer online permit services to add convenience and encourage residents to obtain permits for all building demolitions.

How Is The Cost Of Shed Demolition Determined?

Several factors determine the final cost of a shed demolition. These factors include:

  • Size of the shed (price per square foot)
  • Location of the shed
  • Type of demolition
  • Shed empty or full
  • Amount of junk to be removed from the property
  • Condition of the shed (good condition or poor condition)

Location Of Shed

The location of the shed is crucial for the overall cost. If special equipment is required to access the shed, this will drive up the cost. A shed sitting on a hilltop will require a complex demolition, resulting in higher costs.

Empty Or Full Shed

A shed that is full of storage items must be completely emptied before the demolition is initiated. The demolition will move forward without delay if the shed is empty. If the owner classifies the stored items as junk, they will need to be removed from the property, hauled away, and disposed of at a local landfill. The cost of these services will be added to the total price of the shed demolition.

Wood Or Concrete Foundation

If the demolition includes the removal of the foundation, this service will drive up the cost. A wood foundation demolition is less complex, requiring fewer pieces of equipment and manpower, as compared to a concrete foundation. To remove a concrete foundation, it must be broken into pieces, utilizing a jackhammer. To break down a concrete slab with a jackhammer, it can take anywhere between 2 and 6 hours or longer, depending on the thickness and size of the foundation.

Poor Or Decent Condition

A shed in poor condition poses more danger than a shed in decent condition. If the owner wants the shed removed from the property, chances are, it is not in the greatest condition. Special precautions must be taken when demolishing sheds in poor condition, resulting in a higher expense.

Type Of Demolition

We utilize several types of demolition techniques to bring down detached sheds. Total demolition, selective (partial) demolition, dismantling demolition, deconstruction demolition, and wrecking ball demolition. Our most common demolition is total dismantling, which entails the breakdown of the shed piece by piece. Dismantling is one of the most affordable demolition services.

To learn more about our shed demolition and junk removal services, reach out to our local removal team. Be sure to inquire about our free consultation and written estimate while you have a customer support representative on the phone.

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