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Carpet Removal & Disposal

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Carpet is one of the most difficult forms of waste to dispose of. Most waste collection services refuse to collect carpeting when it is in pieces or rolls. Our carpenter removal service collects, hauls, and disposes of all kinds of carpets. We accept carpets designed from wood, acrylic, polyester nylon, and polypropylene. We remove the following styles of carpet:

  • Textured
  • Shag
  • Twist Pile (frieze)
  • Low pile
  • Plush pile
  • Cable
  • Saxony
  • Cut pile
  • Level loop pile
  • Trackless
  • Velvet

If you have a unique type of carpet that needs to be hauled away and disposed of, do not hesitate to reach out to our local office.

Our Dependable Carpet Removal Service

It cannot be stressed enough carpet is one of the most difficult items in your home to replace and dispose of. This is especially true for wall-to-wall carpeting in all settings. Our junk removal service accepts old, outdated carpets in all styles. There is no carpet too large or too small for our junk removal team to handle. Whether your carpet is in a 4’ x 4’-piece or large 12’ x 12’ roll, we can handle it with ease.

Our Professional Carpet Removal Service

Unlike some carpet removal services, we believe in protecting the environment throughout the removal and disposal processes. To initiate our carpet removal service, you can schedule an appointment by reaching out to our local customer support team. We suggest starting with a consultation. So, you can meet with a member of our local carpet removal team on a one-on-one basis. During the consultation, you will be free to delve deeper into our carpet removal and disposal services.

  • Customer requests a free carpet removal consultation
  • A technician arrives at the property to consult with the client
  • The technician, with the approval of the client, conducts a carpet inspection
  • The technician collects evidence that will later be applied to a custom carpet removal strategy
  • The technician customizes a removal strategy for the client’s old, outdated carpet
  • The client decides to move forward with the carpet removal or delay the process till a later date
  • The technician schedules an appointment for the carpet removal and disposal
  • The junk removal team arrives at the client’s property to remove the old carpet
  • The carpet is loaded into the back of our work truck(s)
  • The junk removal team hauls the old carpet to a recycling center, donation facility, or landfill for legal disposal
  • The carpet is unloaded and placed in a suitable location for legal disposal

Removing Carpet From The Subfloor

One of the most difficult components of carpet replacement is the removal process, which requires special tools and manpower. Most installation companies utilize tack strips to attach the carpet to a subfloor. The tack strips are placed along walls, where this minimal foot traffic.

To remove the carpet, each tack strip must be removed piece by piece. To safely remove tack strips, we suggest utilizing a flathead screwdriver, hammer, pry bar, and pliers. Start in the upper corner, grab the edge of the carpet, utilizing a pair of pliers. Pull the carpet towards you until it breaks free from the tack strip.

We suggest cutting the carpet into pieces for easier removal and disposal.

Removing Carpet Glued Down The A Subfloor

Another installation method for wall-to-wall carpeting entails the use of adhesive (glue). It is questionable why installation services opt to utilize adhesive to attach the carpet to the subfloor. Carpet has an average lifespan of 5 years, which can be extended to 8 with routine shampooing, vacuuming, and sterilizing. Industrial-grade adhesive works wonders in keeping the carpet attached to the subfloor. However, it can complicate the carpet removal process.

To remove carpet glued down to a subfloor, you will need a pair of pliers, a pry bar, box cutter, and a large scraper.

  • Starting at the upper corner, grab the edge of the carpet, utilizing the pliers
  • With a firm grip, jerk the carpet towards you or in your direction
  • If the carpet has been thoroughly adhered to the floor, it may need to be pried or scraped
  • Utilizing the pry bar, place the scraper edge underneath an edge of the carpet
  • Push the scraper in the opposite direction of where you are standing
  • When a medium-sized piece of carpet is free from the subfloor, cut into a square for easier disposal
  • When the carpet is completely free from the subfloor, you will have a pile of remnants to dispose of later

Removing Excess Carpet Adhesive From Subflooring

To remove excess carpet glue, you will need a large scraper, scouring pads, boiling water, and an adhesive remover. Apply the boiling water to a small area of adhesive, wait at least 5 minutes, and scrape the glue away. If the adhesive refuses to break loose from the subfloor, utilize the adhesive remover. Scrap the adhesive off the subfloor, walls, and floorboards.

Detaching Carpet From Staircases

Working on an incline complicates the carpet removal process. So, use caution throughout the process. Start at the top of the stairs, pull a small- or medium-section away from the tack strips. Utilizing a pry bar, pry each tack strip away from the subfloor.

Our Carpet Disposal

Our dependable, affordable carpet disposal is ideal for consumers with limited resources. We will pick up the carpet and transport it to an authorized recycling center or landfill. We highly suggest recycling old carpeting to protect the environment from further damage caused by greenhouse emissions.

We will oversee the entire disposal process. So, you can focus on the carpet replacement.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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Carpet Removal & Disposal