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Emergency Disaster

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No one can be fully prepared for a natural disaster. Sure, the Weather Channel issues weather alerts, but it is still not enough to prepare everyone. When a natural disaster hits, the outcome is nothing short of devastation. Fortunately, there are nonprofit organizations like Red Cross willing to step up to help victims deal with the damage caused by natural disasters. Just knowing there is someone there to help pick up the pieces can ease the stress of victims.

In addition to Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency “FEMA”, our junk removal company is on standby to assist pick up the pieces after all emergency disasters. There is no emergency disaster junk too small or too large for our removal team to handle. For victims of emergency disasters, we recommend a free consultation for our emergency disaster cleanup and junk removal services.

We offer several contact options for our customer support. These include email, phone, our official website, and social media.

Emergency Disaster Junk Removal

Our emergency disaster junk removal targets all damaged structural components, outdoor and indoor furniture, carpet, downed trees, and other debris. When you are left dealing with the cleanup and junk removal following a hurricane, tornado, house fire, severe thunderstorm, flood, earthquake, wildfire, tropical storm, ice storm, landslide, and dust storm.

Flood Cleanup

Severe flooding has been known to claim the lives of animals and humans. The emergency disaster also causes moderate to severe property damage. If you ask victims of severe flooding about property damage, they will say it is better than losing a family member. Homes and businesses are replaceable, but not humans and animals.

Floodwaters are contaminated with bacteria and other contaminants. We do not recommend cleaning up after a flood without the property safety equipment. Our flood cleanup team utilizes premium-grade N95 masks, gloves, gowns, hard hats, and rubber boots.

Severe Thunderstorm And Hurricane Cleanup

The damage caused by severe thunderstorms and hurricanes is mostly contributed to strong winds. Major hurricane sustained winds have been measured at 156 miles per hour. These powerful winds rip tree roots right out of the ground, houses off their foundations, and electricity wires off the power poles.

When you are left dealing with damaged caused by hurricanes and severe thunderstorms, our cleanup services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

House Fire Cleanup

A tiny ember from a wood stove could result in a house fire. Within immediate intervention, the entire house could burn to the ground in 60 minutes. House fires leave families homeless and devastated. Our cleanup and junk removal services will help prepare your property for rebuilding.

How Our Professional Emergency Disaster Cleanup Works?

  • The property owner schedules an appointment for a consultation
  • A technician is dispatched to the property for the consultation
  • The technician conducts a visual inspection of the damage
  • The technician provides the client with a written quote for the clean and junk removal
  • The junk removal team clean up the property, placing the junk in different piles for easier disposal
  • The junk is loaded into the back of our work trucks
  • The property is thoroughly cleaned before the junk removal team exit the property

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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