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Jessie Davis Park Center

Located a mile north part of downtown Douglasville is a 15,720 square feet Community Center dedicated to a Douglasville, Georgia native who tragically lost her life in the 1996 Olympic bombing is Mrs. Alice Hawthorne. Constructed in 2002, the Center features two meeting rooms, a kitchen, a gymnasium with one basketball court, and two youth courts with two volleyball courts.


  • Walking Track
  • Stadium
  • Restrooms
  • Pool
  • Playground
  • Picnic Areas/Table
  • Pavilion
  • Horseshoe Pits
  • BBQ Grill
  • Basketball Court

1996 Olympic Tragedy

The Community Center was named after Alice Hawthorne who tragically died in the 1996 Olympic bombing.

Who was Alice Hawthorne?

Alice is a woman with a very beautiful face and a magnificent smile. She was killed by a bomb explosion at the historical Centennial Olympic Park located in Atlanta on July 27, 1996. Hawthorne was the only casualty of the blast where more than a hundred individuals had been injured. One of which is her other daughter, 14-year-old Fallon Stubbs, who was celebrating her birthday at that time. EZ Douglasville Junk Removal

Hawthorne’s legacy is a tough act to follow. A graduate from the historically black college which is the Albany State University, Hawthorne did also serve the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Aside from that, she was also then one of the board members of the Albany Chamber of Commerce which is known for helping her community.

She was a magnificent woman and will remain in the hearts of the people she had an impact with. She was often noticed for her natural beauty and she had been mentoring young African-American women from Albany who aspires to be Miss Black Teen America pageant.

The people who were victimized by this tragedy will always be left with scars as they continue their lives behind all the traumatizing impact of what happened during the bombings.


All rentals to the Community center including the Harvey Jones Memorial Stadium can be made through Email to or you may call 770-920-3009.

Pavilion Rates:

  • Full day duration use is at $80
  • Half-day duration use is at $40

Reviews from Google

Jessie Davis Park Center has 4.3 Star reviews from its 382 google reviews. One of the most recent reviews was from MJ News who gave the Park a 4 star. He states that the Park meets and does fit the bill for being active in Douglasville. The pool, park, and walking trail are clean and perfect for activities. Another recent review from Alicia Holland who gave the Park stunning 5-star states that her first visit to the park gave her a great and fun time and she would visit again.


Address: 7775 Malone St, Douglasville, GA

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