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L&R Alpaca Haven Farm  

L&R Alpaca Haven Farm is an alpaca farm located in Douglasville, Georgia. The special aspect of what the farm does is that they are raising natural, chemical and hormone free alpacas. They have been in the farming alpaca institute since 2016 of July, and have been delivering crias or baby alpacas every year. They also raise alpacas for their fiber. The farm offers tours, events specially birthday parties.

There are approximately 19 alpacas in their care and have been growing healthily. They generate a substantial amount of alpaca manure throughout the year, exactly enough to create an Earth friendly, high quality natural fertilizer without any chemical additives which can be shipped throughout the US Continent. The fertilizers can be purchased as bags contained with pure alpaca compost or mixed compost with organic dirt for potting soil.

Alpaca compost, unlike the manures from cows and horses, offers the perfect balance of nutrients and gives nitrogen fertilizer to large variety of plants, with a highly beneficial for growing. It is not chemically based nor processed but it is naturally made to produce healthy growing plants. EZ Douglasville Junk Removal


L&R Alpaca Haven Farm in Douglasville hosts many overwhelming events that everyone can participate to. This coming November 13th at 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM everyone is invited for their one day open air market of local artists and vendors. It is sure to be a fun filled day for everyone. They have a large variety of vendors and are continuing to add more.

Everyone can enjoy some good treats with local food trucks while shopping the works from local artists and crafters along with fun kid activities. You can also meet some awesome, gentle and friendly alpacas. This event is free to the public.

Alpaca Fertilizer

 Alpaca Compost has the highest N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potassium) compared to all other natural fertilizer. It has a lower average of organic matter compared to other barnyard livestock which basically means that it creates a higher concentration of nutrients that improves soil texture and water-holding capacity. The lower organic content allows alpaca manure to manifest directly onto plants without burning them. The decomposition process of organic matter of the manure makes them efficient in digestion system.

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The Alpaca farm in Douglasville is available for birthday events and other social gatherings. You may contact their telephone 404-408-4635 or through their Email address


Address: 1320 Dorris Rd, Douglasville, GA

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