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Why You Should Visit Douglasville Georgia

Are you interested in getting away from home this winter? While the United States has many beautiful areas, many of them are overcrowded. You might be interested in visiting a laidback attraction where you can enjoy yourself without being overwhelmed. Look no further than Douglasville, Georgia. The city is magnificent in many ways. It has many beautiful parks and so much more. Below, you’ll find out more about the main reasons you should travel to Douglasville.

Deer Lick Park

Once you’ve arrived in Douglasville, you’ll want to stop by Deer Lick Park. The Park is conveniently found on Mack Road so it shouldn’t be out of the way. It is great in many ways. It spans over 66 acres. Therefore, you can guarantee that it will never be overcrowded. Plus, the Park has many activities to enjoy. You can enjoy volleyball, tennis, softball, basketball, disc golf, mini-golf, and more. You’ll also want to fish at the nearby lake. It is a good destination for children since it has a great playground. The attraction is great for everyone.  

Boundary Waters Park

Once you’ve finished at Deer Lick Park, you should travel to nearby Boundary Waters Park. It is great in many ways as well. For instance, the Park is nearly 500 acres. It has gorgeous landscapes that you won’t be able to ignore. You’ll also enjoy the beautiful 10-acre fishing pond. The Park is also home to more than 12 miles of multi-use trails. Therefore, you can use them for walking, running, biking, or something else. The Chattahoochee Hill Country Greenway Trail is one of the best. Regardless, every member of your group will enjoy the destination.

Arbor Place Mall

During your trip, you’ll likely want to shop. You’ll want to pick up a few items before you return home. You’re in luck. Douglasville is close to the Arbor Place Mall. It is a good idea to check out this shopping mall because it is one of the best in the area. It has many great stores, so you’ll easily be able to find something that interests you. Some of the biggest retailers here are Belk, JCPenney, Macy’s, and Dillard’s. Other stores include Books-A-Million, Sunglass Hut, GNC, EB, and more.

Douglas County Museum Of History And Art

Finally, you should visit the Douglas County Museum of History and Art. It is one of the best attractions in and around Douglasville. In 1998, the new courthouse was completed. Initially, the county was going to dispose of the old courthouse. However, the Tourism and History Commission convinced them to save the building. Today, it is home to the Douglas County Museum of History and Art. It has many exhibits, including early medical items, mineral collections, school lunchboxes, and Coca-Cola memorabilia. Your friends will love exploring these items.