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Why Pay A Visit To Douglasville, GA

When most people think about taking a vacation these days, they don’t think about visiting a place like Douglasville, GA. Sure, they might think of Atlanta or some other similar capital, but most people probably don’t even know that Douglasville exists. Well, it would be more than a mistake to overlook what this great tourist destination has to offer. Not only packed with historical significance and cultural value, but Douglasville is packed with tons of exciting things to do.

Basket Creek Cemetery

When most people think about taking a vacation they might not think of visiting a place like Douglasville, but they’d certainly never thinking about visiting a cemetery. Who wants to see such a grim place on their special time off? That’ll change when you check out the Basket Creek Cemetery, located adjacent to Capps Ferry Road not that far from the Chattahoochee River. In fact, the river is one of the reasons to check out the site. Besides that, this was once a prominent African American community with a lot of family homes, saw mils, tenant farms, and churches. It doesn’t get any more old South than this.

The Douglas County Courthouse

Most people probably wouldn’t think about visiting a courthouse either, but this one holds a special place to those locals. Located at 6754 Broad Street and is listed on the National register make lthis site a special landmark. The building has been listed on the National Register since the early 2000s and has served as an important landmark to the people of Douglasville. The building is so popular because of its late 20 and 30 architectural design. It is one that was made popular at the height of World War II. Today, the courthouse is home to some of the most popular, exciting, and sought-after exhibits of artifacts and information. Artifacts and information that pertain to the early settlement and growth of the area. Complete historical significance here.

The John Thomas Carnes Family Log House 

Now, here’s one that people might actually be interested in seeing. You can see that the others are more than worth your time, but they just aren’t places that you’d think of taking a family vacationing. That aside, the Cares Family Log House is an old log cabin that dates back to the early 1800s. Despite this, it is still one of the best well-maintained cabins in the Atlanta area. So well maintained that the Carnes family lived in it up until the 1950s. The land and home were donated in the 1980s.