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How To Spring Clean In A Day: 8 Priority Areas To Focus On

Spring cleaning is one of the most important times of the year. Once Spring has arrived, you’ll want to work diligently to clean your home from top to bottom. It might seem easy, but it won’t be. You’ll likely run into various problems along the way with one of the biggest being time constraints. Therefore, you need to work hard to focus on the areas that matter more than others. Which areas are important? Below, readers will learn more about the most important areas they should clean during Spring Cleaning week.

Spring Cleaning Quickly & Easily

In Spring, you’ll want to begin cleaning your home from top to bottom. You cannot miss anything because doing so will lead to bigger problems. Work hard to ensure that your home is spotless. Doing so will ensure that you’ll be able to relax in your home. An unclean home is going to be uncomfortable. If you want to speed through the process, be sure to rely on the tips provided below.

Focus On These 8 Areas First

During the spring-cleaning process, you should prioritize a few rooms. Start with those mentioned below for the best results.

The Kitchen

It is wise to start in your kitchen. Since you prepare meals here, it is likely going to be the messiest room in the house. Plus, it is one of the most important. You’ll want to spend extra time cleaning your kitchen. You’ll need to focus on getting your utensils and surfaces clean. After all, you won’t want to contaminate the food you’re going to serve to your loved ones. Clean everything and disinfect the surfaces.

Your Closets

Since the weather is changing, you’ll soon find yourself wearing different clothes. There won’t be any sense in wearing thick, bulky clothes when it is hot outside. Therefore, you should rearrange your closet. Start by removing all items from your closet. Once you’ve done that, you should begin storing them by season. It is Spring and Summer will arrive sooner. Place your winter clothes in the back. Then, your autumn clothes should be next. After that, you can store your spring and summer clothes. Don’t forget to clean your closets before storing your clothes.

Sheets & Blankets

It is pertinent to clean your bed too. If your bed isn’t clean, you’re going to experience a handful of problems including allergy issues. Plus, you won’t be able to sleep comfortably since you’re lying on a filthy mattress. You’ll want to change this as soon as possible. Remove your sheets and covers so you can wash and dry them. You’ll also want to consider flipping your mattress. Depending on its age and condition, you may need to replace your mattress.


Now, it is time to begin focusing on your floors. Hardwood floors are much easier to deal with. However, you’ll also have to worry about carpets and rugs. When dealing with these items, you’ll need to use a carpet cleaner. After all, your carpets are going to collect dust, dirt, crumbs, and other debris. If you have pets, your carpets are going to be incredibly filthy. Clean them up. Although you can hire a professional, you can also rent a carpet cleaner from many grocery stores.

Get The Windows

Cleaning windows can be difficult. Many people don’t know to do it without leaving streaks. If you’re having trouble with this, it is pertinent to find a good solution. To clean your windows without leaving an ugly mess, you’ll want to use a squeegee. Spray the windows, wipe them with a squeegee, and dry the squeegee. Continue doing this until the windows are spotless.

Clean The Walls

You’ll also want to clean your walls since they can collect dust. You should be able to get them clean by using soap and water. You can also try using a sponge. However, there is always a risk that your children have been painting on the walls. If this is the case, you’ll need to do something about it. You should resolve the problem by painting your walls. Paint the walls to cover up the mess. Just make sure that you’ve removed the dust first.

Move To The Garage

You can’t forget your garage because it is incredibly important. You can use your garage for many purposes including storing your automobile or automobiles. However, some people have stored too much junk in their garages. Since they’ve done this, they can no longer fit their vehicle inside. Our technicians can help get rid of the unwanted items from your garage. You’ll also want to install a few shelves and cabinets so you can keep the remaining items properly organized.

Organize Your Computers

Once you’ve finished with the physical work, it is time to move to digital work. While it might sound easy, you can’t ignore your digital files. Your computer is likely overloaded with unwanted files. Try to get rid of them. If you don’t need the files in question, delete them. You’ll also want to uninstall programs that you no longer need. You can always use a service to upload your files to the cloud. Spring clean is difficult but rewarding. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a clean home. We strongly recommend working with our qualified junk removers. We’ll make it easy to clean out your home so you can clean from top to bottom without too much trouble.

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