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7 Insanely Brilliant Home Remodeling Ideas

Do you have a home remodeling project planned for the near future? If so, you will discover early on, home remodeling projects must be approached with an open mind to achieve success. Whether this is a routine or one-time remodeling project, you can expect to be left with a pile of rubble at the finish. Renovation is a great opportunity to repair damaged structural components, build an additional room, and make much-needed improvements. EZ Douglasville Junk Removal Regardless of your remodeling plans, you can expect an outcome that will add beauty to your home in more ways than one. First, you will have to deal with the pile of leftover scrap, which is where our home remodeling junk removal service comes into play. The tips provided in the content below will ensure the best results for your home remodeling project.

Plant And Herb Garden Off Your Kitchen

For people who are adamant about eating healthy, an herb garden is a must. Plant the garden off the kitchen for quick and easy access to fresh herbs when preparing meals. Ask other homeowners what they think about their herb gardens if you need more reassurance. Plant a mixture of herbs, including thyme, sage, dill, mint, rosemary, cilantro, and parsley. If you do not have a room off the kitchen, you can always plant the herbs in a sunroom, kitchen, or pantry in close proximity to a window. Herb garden gurus recommend windows that have direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. To plant an herb garden indoors, you only need pots, a stand, indoor herb seeds, potting soil, and water. You can replace the stand with planter hangers. The goal is to plant herbs in a small space off the kitchen to ensure easy access to fresh herbs when baking and cooking.

Build Additional Storage Underneath The Staircase

Every household could utilize additional storage space. Even if the home has an attached garage and basement, additional storage space will be helpful. Instead of building an additional room onto your home to utilize as storage, put it underneath the staircase. Utilize your creativity to build a unique type of storage, while keeping the storage space discrete. If your staircase extends down into a living room or kitchen, the area underneath will make the perfect storage for your home. Utilize under-the-staircase storage for shoes, children’s toys, outerwear, books, cleaning supplies, seasonal throws, documents, seasonal décor, and other household items.

Install A Corner Nook For Reading And Relaxing

The term “nook” is utilized in reference to a small, secluded corner, recess, or alcove. People living in homes with children, pets, and grandparents find themselves in dire need of peace and quiet from time to time. These individuals should not be forced to exit their homes just to get a little peace and quiet. No, they should have a special area in their home that is away from all the hustle and bustle of a busy home. A nook is a perfect solution for teenagers, seniors, and adults, needing a little quiet time. If you are concerned about space, do not fret, you can build a compact nook. Integrate the nook into a bay window frame, the landing at the top of a staircase, or a large wall bookshelf. The nook can also be built off an attic bedroom, den, rec room, or nursery.

Create An Onsight Workspace For Hobbies

Just about everyone has a favorite hobby. From building birdhouses to knitting throws to oil painting, hobbies are a great way to spend a few hours of your downtime. To add convenience to your favorite hobby, an onsite workspace could make the world of difference. You only need a compact space for this project. Your new workspace needs a desk, shelves, chair, light, wall hooks, and other accessories.

Make A Shower Room For Your Pets

Pet grooming is time-consuming and demanding. On a good note, it is rewarding and allows for pet and owner bonding. If you build a shower room, you are not only rewarding your cat, dog, ferret, bearded dragon, bird, or monkey but yourself as well. Your pet shower should include a handheld showerhead, large basin, table, shelves, hairdryer, and towel rack.

Turn A Closet Into A Guest Room

If you are always inviting guests over to spend the holidays or weekends, you know beds are difficult to come by. Instead of making your children give up their bedroom to guests, turn a closet, office, or den into a guest room.

Section Off Master Bath For A Powder Room

Having a special place for your cosmetics, grooming tools, foot bath, perfumes, and other personal accessories is a dream for most women. Well, you can have just that by sectioning off a small area of your bathroom or bedroom for a powder room. Only a compact space, with a table, chair, mirror, and shelf is all you need for this project.

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